All things considered, Anita Sarkeesian has endured a lot of torment from the community she is critical of, but also delivered her message. She has shown via logical, conducive argument, as well as appealing emotionally to morality and judgement that there is truly an issue plaguing the entertainment we consume as a society. She has conveyed how inequality in games can extend beyond the virtual and into the reality; a reality where she's been harassed in much the same way that she's trying to criticize. It's obvious to those willing to listen that there's an issue with how things are being done. Anita is the vessel through which an important criticism needs to be addressed; that women can't be trivialized in games, and their treatment written off as "just" a plot device. While many people who play and make these games are likely supporters of equality, critical thinking needs to be utilized to realize that the media we devour as a society may be one of the things holding us back.

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